The Concept

We welcome you to the world of Organic sustenance. In the present style of living, we all are busy in earning more and more money, leaving no room for health care and attention to the food we intake. And then at the older age, we spend all that earned money on our treatments, medicines etc. We all are suffering from one ailment or the other.



Effects of Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides

Our immune system is so poor that we often have the complaints of headache, sleeplessness, frequent pain etc. Did anybody notice why? It is only because of our food and water we intake. The soil has become contaminated due to regular use of pesticides, urea, fertilizers of high chemical content and getting away from the conventional method of farming. The farmers have turned into professionals and want more and more yield from their piece of land unknowingly compromising on the quality of the crops as well as their health. The quantity of fertilizers and pesticides is increasing with the passage of every year. In India, 9.95 crore acres of land is being cultivated. The land is fixed and the yield is also almost fixed. The concerned part is that the consumption of fertilizers is gradually increasing and has reached 462.20 Lakh Metric Tons as per the annual report of Government of India Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers Department of Fertilizers for the year 2017-18. This is a very serious situation and needs immediate attention.

Slowly, the world has become aware of the after effects of the food products grown with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The concerned human is moving on to find the organic food products and this resulted the farmer to go back to conventional farming paving the way to organic solutions for farming. Organic farming is the need of the hour and is also good for the future of our world. We need to think on this epitome aggressively that what we are going to leave for the generations to come and where we are leading our life.


Govt of India is also focusing on improving the health and condition of the farmers by doubling their income by the year 2022. This can be a very beneficial situation for the farmers, Govt of India and the customers. A farmer sells the wheat grains at the MSP fixed by GOI i.e. 1750 per quintal. An average of 21 quintals of wheat is achievable from one acre of land. There are hefty expenses of urea, pesticides, DAP etc also.

Now let us take this in the organic farming scenario. The same crop if grown by way of organic farming can be sold at the MSP specified by GOI i.e. 2950 per quintal. And if the crop meets the set standards for exporting to other countries, the selling price will increase further. Thus the farmer will be able to double the income, reduce the expenditure on urea and pesticides and will lead a healthy life. All the farmers, if start organic farming, will be a contributor to the Indian economy by earning foreign currency.


In Organic farming we use only natural products for cultivation, e.g. underground water resource, natural fertilizers and no, absolutely no use of chemicals and pesticides.

When we talk about this we should know how we do it, we use only organic/herbal material for the fertilizers, with this the moisture content and the quality of the soil as well as the crop becomes so good that we don't need any kind of preservatives to store them beyond conventional time.


The cultivated organic crop will also be taken by WAPL at the agreed price at the time of cultivation.

The farmer is not confident for the sale of their crop and the technical assistance for cultivation in the organic process. WhiteSpace Agrocare Pvt Ltd (WAPL) is creating an Organic Eco-System in which the farmer will be registered with the company. The demand and supply of the produce will be catered through this Eco-system. WAPL is promoting the farmers to do organic farming as per the guidance and assistance from their technical/organic experts. The seed, technical assistance and organic fertilizers will be provided by WAPL. The cultivated organic crop will also be taken by WAPL at the agreed price at the time of cultivation. Additionally the soil testing, crop testing shall also be undertaken by our company. When the time of 3 years of cultivation without the usage of urea and pesticides will be achieved, our company will arrange for the group certification of Organic farming.

This produce of Organic farmers from the organic farm shall be brought in by us for use in Organic Basket (We will discuss later about Organic Basket). If the organic produce is not consumed in the country, the company will make arrangements for export of the crop/vegetables/fruits.


The Result

The cultivated crop of the farmers directly reaches to the customers with the support of our company without involving any middle man. The crop will be tested for any type of chemical residuals in our established laboratory duly certified by FSSAI. The company's set standard for acceptable level of chemical residues in the crops/vegetables/fruits is 0.001%. The essence, taste, nutrient value and quality of the organic products also increases thereby increasing the shell life of the product. The colour, nutrient value is so good that we really realise that the present mode of farming is slowly killing us and spoiling our health. In a longer run, the farmer will be able to increase the yield of the crop and retain nutrient value of the soil, preservation of underground water will be an added advantage of Organic Farming.

The Side Effects

The price of the organic products is on a bit higher side, but considering the quality and health parameters, it cannot be compared with any type of similar products in the market. Additionally there is involvement of the labour for weeding as we do not use any type of pesticides. However, if we think of the health of the customer and the soil, this minor hike in price is acceptable.


The Concept Of Organic Supermarket

We are introducing the new concept of Organic Supermarket.

We are introducing the new concept of Organic Supermarket. All the organic products purchased from our organic farms shall be made available on the online portal. The customer can book any quantity of staples/vegetables and fruits as per their requirement through online website portal/mobile application. The payment of the order placed shall be paid through our payment gateway/wallets. On the basis of the order(s) placed, the basket will be packed from our nearby outlet and shall be delivered in our Air conditioned van at the doors of the customers within 2 hours of placement of orders.

At present, we are having 17 products for use in humans, dairy farming, poultry farming and agriculture farming sector.

The Tie-Ups

We have collaborated with M/s Denvas Services Pvt Ltd, a company of Russian origin who are providing us organic manures, PGP (Plant Growth Promoters), handheld testing devices for detecting residuals of chemicals in the food items. M/s Denvas Services will also be taking our products for export in Russia.

Start Up India Recognition

WAPL has applied to Govt of India as a Start-Up India project on 05.04.2019, we expect a lot of assistance in this area from the State/Central Govt.

Application For Registration As A Zonal Council

In another programme being implemented by Govt of India for encouraging farmers to convert to Organic way of farming, we have applied for registration of our company as a Zonal Head in the Participatory Guarantee System (PGS), wherein we will register the farmers with us to provide every possible assistance, technical knowledge and buyback arrangements.

The Strategy

This is our endeavour to join hands with our farmers at grassroots level, provide them every possible assistance for converting to Organic farming and bring a considerable change in their income per acre of land. This will ensure us a sufficient availability of raw material as per our requirement. This raw material will be tested at our labs for not having any type of chemical residues. The tested raw material will then be utilised for manufacturing of Organic Products. These products will be made available to all through Online Organic Supermarket.


At Whitespace, formation of an Organic Eco-System is our vision by involving resources from every sector.

By providing every possible assistance, we aim to bring the largest selection and the best quality of Organic Products. With a vast wealth of knowledge in the products we sell, WhiteSpace Agrocare Pvt Ltd carries everything one could possibly imagine. From farm to fork, a vast range of organic products shall be made available directly from the Organic farms. We are here for our customers, and want each one of them to have a unique, one-of-a-kind experience at our amazing Organic Supermarket.

Let us move together for a healthy, chemicals free and prosperous Organic Eco-System for all species of the world.