Sulfon is a liquid biofertilizer developed from selective strain of bacteria Thiobacillus thioxidans. This formulation facilitates sulphur for easy uptake by plants and helps soil to maintain pH which also help plants to uptake other micronutrients.


  • It enhances the sulphur uptake.
  • It improves quality and quantity of grains, fruits and flowers produce on plants.
  • It also enhance plant metabolism which improves overall plant growth.

Suggested for crops:

Fruit crops, Apples, Tea, vegetables, flowers and other crops, etc.

Dosage:(Shake well before use)

  • Soil treatment: 1 litre / acre through drip irrigation.
  • Foliar application: 2.5 – 5 ml per litre of water
  • Seed/root dip treatment: 10 ml per kilogram of seeds.


Available in 500 ml & 1 litre of Bottle.

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1 litre, 500 ml