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Organiks Agrocare


After a research of more than 40 years by Russian and Soviet Scientists in the field of agriculture and soil science, a modern organic fertilizer for ecological and traditional farming has been made. The fertilizer named as OrganiX is based on HUMAT, potassium salts of humic and fulvic acids. Humat is made of the purest peat raw material from Russia without any heavy metal and residual radiation. The use of our humic fertilizers for the processing of seeds and plants increases crop capacity of all agricultural, fruit and berry, vegetable, technical and ornamental crops. The resistance of plants to unfavourable factors of the environment increases: drought, frost, damage of plants to diseases and pests. The experience of using our fertilizers during the last 15 years has shown a steady increase in yields by 15-55% (depending on the type of crops).

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Benefits of usage of OrganiX fertilizer:

• Improves the germination of seeds and their viability • Activates the growth of the root system • Increases plant resistance to drought and waterlogging • The structure of the soil improves, which improves its water-air regime • Bonds heavy metals, radionuclides in soil • Improves plant immunity and resistance to stress • Activates useful soil microflora

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