Organic Dairy Farming

Dairy farming has the potential for providing additional income to the farmers along with achieving major goal of organic farming i.e. diversified production and supporting biological cycle within farming system.

India presently is the largest producer of milk in world supported with an astonishing growth rate in dairy sector. Apart from this, due to increasing consumer awareness, there has been an increased concern voiced over quality of milk and milk products including contamination, pollutant and the residual effect of various chemicals.

Interest in organic dairy farming is increasing at a rapid pace worldwide as an alternative solution. Recent years have seen a sharp rise in demand of organic milk and milk products.


Under Indian conditions, a rapid spread of organic dairy farming is possible because of some key geographical, cultural and economic advantages like traditional nature of farming and indigenous technical knowledge and practices followed by Indian farmers. But prevalence of small and marginal dairy farmers also poses many challenges for faster proliferation of organic dairy farming along with some other shortcomings.

The interest in organic crop and livestock farming remerges in recent time due to growing concerns about the conventional farming paradigm that relies on synthetic inputs to maximize yields which poses threats to the environment and health. Intensive farming by introduction of exotic species, land clearing, vegetation fragmentation, habitat change and soil erosion has been one of the main causes of biodiversity decline. On the other hand organic production focuses on building soil organic matter and biology to create a sustainable and dynamic environment for producing healthy food and feed and proved to be beneficial for flora and fauna. The quality of natural resource base is declining especially in the areas practising intensive farming for decades and there are increasing evidences of presence of toxic residues in food chain as a result of this chemical intensive farming confirmed by various researches. On the other hand consumers are increasingly seeking environmentally safe, chemical residue free healthy foods, along with product traceability and a high standard of animal welfare, which organic production system can ensure. Thus organic crop and livestock farming is gaining ground among Indian farmers. It is also considered as only feasible alternative and interesting option for sustainable agriculture in developing countries because it offers a unique combination of low external inputs and technology, environmental conservation and input/output efficiency. But unlike organic crop farming the concept and practice of organic dairy farming is relatively new.

Organic Dairy farming means rearing animals on organic feed (i.e. pastures cultivated without the use of fertilizers or pesticides), have access to pasture or outside, along with the restricted usage of antibiotics and hormones. It deliberately avoids the use of synthetic inputs such as drugs, feed additives and genetically engineered breeding inputs. Welfare of animals is also of prime importance under organic dairy farming system. Organic dairy farming is a system of production, a set of goal-based regulations that allow farmers to manage their own organic integrity.



Indian dairy animal breeds are less susceptible to disease and stress, need less allopathic medicine/antibiotics which make them ideal for raising under organic management. In case of health problem Homeopathic or Ayurvedic medicine could be used. The rich biodiversity of Indian continent along with rich indigenous knowledge base among farmers can ensure the efficient treatment and recovery of animals in case of health problem. However, there is demand of HF cows due to more milk production as compared to the domestic cows. But these cows are prone to infection and diseases.


Lack Of Organic Farming

The decades of promotion of chemical based farming method has eroded indigenous technological knowledge base and currently most of the technical support is oriented towards using technologies that can enhance productivity per unit input and time. There is also lack of extensive promotion work concerning negative impact of products from inorganic farming. The low level of education prevailing among Indian farmers and lack of knowledge and awareness about critical issues of organic farming is a big challenge for promotion of organic dairy farming. There also lack proper training especially for organic dairy farming procedures and standards.

We Promote Organic Products For Development of Dairy Animals

Our Vision


At WhiteSpace, we have undertaken different case studies and found that the treatment of dairy animals with Organic products have a really soothing effect on their overall development. We are also arranging seminars, meetings with dairy farmers to aware them for the use of organic feed and restricted usage of antibiotics in the dairy animals. Accordingly, we have introduced a health drink for animals named as AniCure.

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AniCure is a product that has been manufactured in India for the first time for consumption in various animals.

The major ingredients of AniCure includes Barbadensis Miller, herbs consisting anthraquinones, polysaccharides, vitamins, enzymes and low molecular weight compounds which gives AniCure its anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, wound healing, antiviral, antifungal, antitumor, antidiabetic and antioxidant effects. A lot of research has been made in this area and the results are really encouraging.

AniCure is 100% organic product and has the following nutritional value per 1 litre:

Vitamin A
7,00,000 IU
Vitamin D3
70,000 IU
Vitamin E
250 mg
1000 mg
150 mg
1200 mg
325 mg
1500 mg
6000 mg
1500 mg
100 mg
5.9 mg
9600 mg

The Strategy

The dairy sector mainly works through the milking societies where a farmer supplies the milk, these societies subsequently collects the milk, processes and manufacture dairy products through dairy groups e.g. Amul, Nestle, Mother Dairy, Vita, Verka, Saras, Super etc. We have approached these dairy groups, gave them trials for usage of Organic Products and found the following benefits.

  • Has natural healing and detoxifying power and works gently with the digestive tract to help break down impacted food. Helps sore and stressed muscles recover faster in working horses. Improves digestion and better absorption of nutrients.
  • Opens nipple, because a cow had stepped on it. The nipple is opened almost to the teat canal, treated with concentrated Aloe (added in a small spray bottle) and sprayed at night and in the morning after removal of the cup.
  • The constant milking affect healing, but after continuous treatment with AloeCure-A (plus a little Aloe gel), now has healed nipple, with only a small slit on the outside of the nipple as a result of injury.
  • Recovers loss cycles and increases milk production (10-15%). Increases systemic health of cows and calves with AniCure.
  • The reduction or even elimination of minerals in tablets or food additives.
  • Improved conception rates, retained placenta and reduced somatic cell count.
  • Quick healing of cuts and damaged nipples, reduced nasal problems.
  • Best production, performance and health of cows. Smoother and shinier hooves, better horn growth, and fewer sites of damage (cracks in hoof wall, etc.)
  • Cows unable to stand after calving are dosed with AniCure and the recovery was faster.
  • Protects cattle from the ill effects of eating improper food, detoxification and drainage of metabolites from the whole organism.
  • Strengthening and stimulation of the immune system, supports with coughing infections (soothes dry cough) and cures chronic respiratory problems also. Increases physical fitness, cures problems in the area of the urinary tract.
  • Moisturizing action ideally suited for external skin problems and antimicrobial action.
  • Used to soothe irritations, cleanse before dressing, balances the immune system/natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Better absorption of MSM, Chondroitin and Glucosamine due to AniCure carrier or combined with minerals as food supplementation.