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About WhiteSpace Agrocare?

A New Way To Invest In Agriculture

We welcome you to the world of Organic sustenance. In the present style of living, we all are busy in earning more and more money, leaving no room for health care and attention to the food we intake. And then at the older age, we spend all that earned money on our treatments, medicines etc. We all are suffering from one ailment or the other.

WhiteSpace Agrocare Private Limited, a company formed on 04.04.2019 is aimed at providing an alternative to the usage of antibiotics and encouraging the Organic way of treatment and growth of the animals and birds. The company has a vision of creation of Organic Eco system, consisting Organic farming, Organic Dairy farming, Organic Poultry Farming, manufacturing and sale of Organic products, in India and abroad. In this process the Company has launched certain products that are tested and found instrumental in curing various diseases without any usage of antibiotics. The products are purely Organic in nature and are very cheap in comparison to the medicines for use among milking animals and poultry sector. Similarly, the company has arranged/manufactured/procured Organic inputs for use in crop farming.

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